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How LinkedIn can land you a job

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Earlier this month, we shared with you our top tips for getting a job, graduate or other, using Twitter.

But LinkedIn can be handy too!

More and more employers are now using LinkedIn to source candidates. Therefore, it’s important that you keep your profile up to date at all times.

  • Use the recommendations section. Asking previous employers for a recommendation on LinkedIn can be a bit embarrassing, but a stream of testimonials on your LinkedIn page look impressive and show that you’re proactive.
  • Fill the ‘specialities’ area with keywords relating to the area you hope to work in. If someone is searching for a marketing assistant, and you’ve got ‘marketing’ in your specialities, you’re more likely to end up in their search results.
  • Get involved in the groups. There’s a group for anything (and if there isn’t, create one!), and you can use it to discuss topics, share your own links and potentially spot job opportunities.
  • If you’ve got a blog, link it up to your page so visitors can see your content. BlogLink, an internal LinkedIn gadget, will stream your posts for easy access.
  • Link to your Twitter page – but don’t publish your tweets to your profile. Your LinkedIn statues should generally be professional.
  • Use your LinkedIn status to advertise yourself. Tell people you’re looking for a particular role, or share your latest achievements.
  • Make contacts! Send a contact request to all your email contacts.  If you’ve got a business card or email signature, add your LinkedIn URL to it.
  • Many businesses now have a company page, where they add their latest vacancies, and detail who has left the company and who has joined. Handy for spotting a potential opportunity.
  • There’s also a section on the right that says ‘Jobs You May Be Interested In’ that does exactly what it says on the tin. Plenty of companies advertise their vacancies on the LinkedIn job board.

What tips would you give to job hunters on LinkedIn?


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